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The Protector Unifed Threat Management

Prevent SPam,viruS,malware and HackerS from entering your network.

The Portable Penetrator

Prevent Hackers from entering your Wifi network!
Portable penetration testing and wireless auditing
The Portable Penetrator combines the latest hacking and cracking tools
that offers the most comprehensive penetration testing kit.

The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning Appliance

The latest automated hacking tools can inflict damage across a network and across the world in a matter of hours. Understanding the potential vulnerabilities within your system is vital to any security strategy..

The Protector

Undesirable Traffic Blocking The Spam filter is a customized version of Spam Assassin and uses both black list and a point system, with user configurable quarantine options. Spyware is blocked from entering the network by the Anti-Spyware module, which can also detect, identify and block outgoing infections.

The Penetrator

Easy-to-understand Reporting Reports can be customised and are available as XML, PDF or HTML files. System vulnerabilities are categorised as either high risk, medium risk or low risk, together with name and details of each vulnerability and its remediation. The report also gives a conclusion as to the overall security level of the audited system. An executive summary is compiled specifically for management level review with both text and graphical details from the audit result.